What Shoes To Wear With Snowshoes?

The very common doubt or question that pops up in people’s mind is ‘what shoes to wear with snowshoes?’

Snowshoes are footwear specifically designed to walk on the snow.

Snowshoeing has evolved as a very common and popular winter activity in the late 20th century.

Though conventional wooden models were the choice earlier, the modern ones crafted out of high quality, sturdy and waterproof materials have evolved a lot.

They are designed to keep your feet warm and cozy while snowshoeing.

Snowshoes are available in a wide variety to suit different needs.

Thus, you can find recreational snowshoes, fitness snowshoes and hiking/backpacking snowshoes.

Before you start searching and shopping for the right type of snowshoes, you need to have a fair idea of what shoes to wear with snowshoes.

After all, wearing the right footwear inside would prevent your soles from the cold snow, thus ensuring complete comfort during snowshoeing, in addition to helping you avoid accidents that usually occur due to wrong choice of shoes.

You should look for the following features while you buy boots or footwear for snowshoes:

1. Sturdy Shoes

Buying boots or shoes that are sturdy and stiff are ideal, as they reduce the energy expended during snowshoeing.

When your inner footwear is sturdy and strong, it gives a better grip to the snowshoes, which in turn helps you to maneuver easily through the snow.

2. Waterproof

One of the most important features to look for in your snow boots is that it must be made of high quality waterproof material.

It is not healthy or comfortable to have your feet cold and wet for a very long time until you complete your snowshoeing.

So, the simple answer for what shoes to wear with snowshoes could be ‘waterproof shoes’.

3. Proper Fitting

Like any other footwear, the shoes you wear with snowshoes must have a very secure and comfortable fit.

This is extremely essential, irrespective of whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, as it determines your safety during snowshoeing.

You cannot afford to have too loose or too tight shoes under your snowshoes if you aim to enjoy your activity comfortably and to the optimum.

4. Insulation

This feature is as important as the shoes being waterproof and sturdy.

Though you may choose to wear any non-insulated footwear for snowshoeing, it would expose your feet to snow, which in turn would invariably cause severe discomfort.

If your shoes have proper insulation, which provides your feet with the required warmth, you can enjoy snowshoeing as long as you may wish to.

To simply answer what shoes to wear with snowshoes, experts advise choosing waterproof, insulated shoes or pac boots.

Such shoes have good height that protects your feet from getting wet.

In fact, rather than looking for specific shoes with steep price tags, you can choose to wear any kind of sturdy, waterproof shoes with adequate insulation to enjoy your snowshoeing activities.

So, don’t be in a dilemma anymore when the question “what shoes to wear with snowshoes” pops up in your mind the next time.

5 Best Camping Chairs with Footrest

Camping chairs with footrest are in high demand these days as people are increasingly looking to relax in complete comfort.

In the market, these chairs are made available in various models and designs.

To be able to pick one from these, you must know about some of the popular types.

Given below are the top 5 camping chairs with footrest along with their features and functions.

1. Sport-Brella Recliner Chair With Footrest

This is one of the most popular camping chairs with footrest.

If you want to feel at the top of the world while camping and relax like a king/queen, this is your ideal bet.

This chair not only features a detachable footrest, but also comes equipped with an umbrella on top to protect you on a summer day when the sun is beating down hard.

You can adjust this in 3 different reclining positions while comfortably relaxing with your foot up on the footrest.

What’s more, it’s aluminum frame makes it very light to carry around while camping.

2. Big Bubba Chair with Footrest

This has earned its place among the top camping chairs with footrest due to its comfort and capability of handling people with a stout frame.

This has a little pillow to rest your head on, which makes it perfect for camping or even to rest in your backyard.

It is slightly heavier than the normal camping chairs but is very strong nevertheless, so much so that it can hold up to 300 lbs.

3. ALPS Mountaineering Escape Chair With Footrest

The footrest of this chair is adjustable.

This chair can comfortably sit anyone, irrespective of how tall or short s/he is.

The robust material, with which the seat is made, makes it stand out from the rest of the camping chairs with footrest.

This chair also boasts of a backpacking feature, which in turn makes it appropriate and the best choice for mountaineering and other camping trips.
Imagine yourself sitting on top of a cliff in this chair and getting the breathtaking view all around, while stretching your legs and putting them comfortably on the footrest!

4. Giga Tent Camping Chair with Footrest

This chair has a very flexible and comfortable seating arrangement with an adjustable footrest that matches the color of the chair.

Apart from its cool look, this chair ensures a high comfort level, thanks to the padded cup holders and padded seats.

The adjustable footrest, along with the entire chair, can be folded into a stylish shoulder carry bag for you to carry it around with ease.

5. Kamp-Rite Chair with Detachable Footrest

This tan blue chair has a slightly more comfortable footrest, which extends from the chair seat, thus allowing your calf muscles to rest on it without a gap in between.

This is one among a handful of camping chairs with footrest, which is designed to hold up to 300 lbs.

It has a tiny cup holder for you to securely hold your drinks and beverages.

The entire design of this chair is absolutely versatile.

Though almost all camping chairs with footrest seem to have similar features, make sure you check the measurements, weight each of these chairs can bear and their foldable features as well as user-friendliness before you buy one.

The Best Artificial Christmas Trees: Your Options

Artificial Christmas trees have become the most common choice of people all over the world and those in the United States are no exception.

People have prioritized convenience of maintenance, storage and cost, which has resulted in the increased demand for the best artificial Christmas tree models.

Several companies and manufacturers have come up with new features that contribute to the look and handling of these trees to suit the current lifestyle of people.

Best Artificial Christmas Trees

Taking your pick from the best artificial Christmas tree models could be an uphill task if you don’t know what to look for or how one is different from the other.

Here’s a brief idea about the top 6 models, from which you can take your pick:

1. Realistic Artificial Christmas Trees

The best artificial Christmas tree is determined by the type of original tree it represents and the extent to which it resembles the original tree.

Some of the most popular Christmas trees include Aberdeen Pine, Douglas Fir, Colorado Fir, Sierra Pine, and Rocky Mountain Fir.

2. Flocked Artificial Christmas Trees

Flocked Christmas trees used to be the most popular choice of many during the 1960s and these are back once again! Though these trees could be slightly expensive, you will understand the worth if you look at them.

Choices like Alaskan flocked pine offer an excellent frosted look that reflects the true snow mountain feel inside your home.

3. Colorful Artificial Christmas Trees

Trees with unique colors are in trend and demand, as everyone wants their home to have the best artificial Christmas tree that is different from others.

Thus, you can find the artificial Christmas trees in various bright colors like bright pink, blue, red and white.

Most often, families with kids opt to buy additional colorful trees of smaller size to match the décor of their kid’s rooms in order to add more fun to the ambiance.

4. Pre-lit Christmas Trees

The world has changed and people don’t mind spending these days to buy time.

Many manufacturers took advantage of this aspect of consumers hard pressed for time to offer pre-lit and pre-decorated Christmas trees that one can just buy and fix to start celebrating and partying within a few hours.

These trees normally have strands of lights fixed to the tree limbs or bulbs embedded into the branches of the artificial tree.

Some trees have single color lights while others have multi-colored lights.

Buying such trees can save you a lot of effort and time, which would come handy, especially if you have a very busy schedule.

5. Slim Artificial Christmas Trees

People who live in condos and apartments often suffer from space constraints.

Yet, they do not wish to compromise on having a Christmas tree.

This has led to the popularity of some of the slim-shaped and best artificial Christmas tree options in the market.

These can create an elegant look in small spaces, foyers and corners.

They can be stunningly appealing when placed in singles or pairs.

These are also offered with the pre-lit feature.

6. Wall Artificial Christmas Trees

This is another option for people who have space constraint in their homes and offices.

The wall trees have an entirely different appeal, as most of them are pre-lit and even pre-decorated – just ready to be fixed on the wall.

Most often, these trees are battery-powered and hence do not involve any chords hanging all over.

You can even place these over a buffet table to enhance the festive look and save on space.

While you opt for the best artificial Christmas tree model, you should ensure that you invest in a high quality one with a good finish and make.

Also, remember to check if there is a warranty from the manufacturer.

Camping Water Filter – 3 Reasons Why You Need It

Camping water filters have become a necessity for campers today.

Whether you are camping in the backwoods or traveling across multiple countries, you need to drink safe.

After all, drinking contaminated water can upset your health and take all the fun out of your camping.

However, you can’t carry bottles of water for drinking as it would be a big load and slow you down.

So, the best bet is to take along a camping water filter.

If you aren’t yet sure why you need these filters, here are three reasons that would convince you for sure:

Reason #1: Stay hydrated

For a camper, it’s never a good idea to run out of water.

You may argue that you can always drink from those swiftly flowing streams.

But ever wondered how contaminated such water could be?

Anything from dry leaves and feces to bird droppings and microorganisms could be present in it.

You surely wouldn’t want to fall ill and stay put in your camping tent just because you drank such water.

So, the best solution is to carry a camping water filter in your backpack.

This way, you can keep yourself hydrated and enjoy your outdoor activities to the fullest.

Reason #2: Travel light

The average human body is composed of 60-70% of water.

Health experts say that the water consumed by a person largely depends on his/her physical activity as well as the humidity, temperature and altitude of the surroundings.

While you are camping, your physical activities would naturally experience a boost.

For men, the consumption of water on the mountains increases by 4 liters while for women, it goes up by 3 liters.

Thus, for a 4-day camping trip on the hills, carrying adequate water would be a difficult task.

A feasible alternative is to carry camping water filters.

This way, you can source water from the natural resources available around and filter it before consumption.

This saves you from the pain of carrying gallons of water in your backpack.

Instead, you can simply carry one small camping water filter.

Reason #3: No fretting and fuming when stranded

Camping water filters could be of great help when you get stranded in a snowy zone.

Even if your stock of water runs out, you can drink melted snow just by passing it through the water filter.

This way, you can make sure that you do not fall sick even when you are stuck in an unknown territory and battling adverse weather conditions.

Camping is a fun activity and you shouldn’t compromise with its fun quotient by neglecting the importance of safe drinking water.

With the availability of camping water filters in different sizes, weight and functionality, you can easily take your pick based on what suits your requirements and budget the best.

You just have to remember to clean your filters regularly as they tend to get dirty.

Thus, with just a camping filter in your backpack or luggage, you can travel worry-free and camp at will, be it high up in the mountains or across geographical boundaries, exploring new lands and their natural beauty.

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