The 3 Best Snow Boots for Women This Winter Season

Winter time has come around again and, as usual, many of us have waited until the last minute to get prepared.

The downside to this is that we’ve been walking around with cold, wet feet for the past couple of months.

The upside; however, is that lots of snow boots are beginning to go on sale as many stores, both on and offline, are trying to get rid of their stock now that the majority of folks have bought their winter footwear already.

Being that now is the time to take advantage of such great sales, let’s take a look at some of the best snow boots for women, so you may keep an eye out for them on your next clearance shopping extravaganza.

1. UGG Boots

While it is true that UGG boots have become a great Western cliche, something we’ve all worn at some time or another, there’s a reason they were so successful in the first place – they work.

When it comes to keeping your feet warm and dry without having to worry about being weighed down by extremely heavy snow boots, UGG boots are your best bet.

While they may not be the number one choice for any sort of manual labor in the snow, or even walking through fields of snow with snow higher than a foot in the air, they’re great for everyday use to and from school or work and are seen as being fashionable.

What else can you ask for when it comes to winter footwear?

2. Kamik Boots

These are some of the best snow boots for women when it comes to any sort of labor (such as shoveling) or for walking through high mounds of snow.

They’re heavy duty, reach up higher toward the knee than standard UGG boots and are very water resistant.

When it comes to keeping you protected from snow and nothing else, nothing beats a good pair of Kamik boots.

While there are many boots available by this brand, all of them will serve their purpose to equal effectiveness, the only real difference between different pairs being the different look they offer.

3. Sorel Boots

If UGG boots seem a little too pricey but you find yourself enjoying the style they offer, a good pair of Sorel boots might be all you need.

They look quite similar to UGGs (and even look the exact same from a distance), though come at a much cheaper price.

Another added bonus is that Sorels aren’t as lightweight as UGGS.

While you certainly won’t find yourself weighed down while wearing them, you may find they come in handy more often than other snow boots of their type.

They’ll keep you warm and dry, they’ll give you all the traction you need to walk over slippery surfaces, they’re stylish and, best of all, they come at a fairly reasonable price compared to similar boots.

Sorels are, by far, one of the best snow boots for women.

Whether to consider teeth whitening strips or not

Every person wants to have a million-dollar smile by having bright, white teeth.

Teeth whitening products keep on popping up on the market every year, so companies are making it easier for you to have a brightened, white teeth.

Teeth whitening strips are one of the more popular ways and cost effective means to achieve a bright, white teeth.

But is it really the option for you? Here are some factors to consider if you are interested in using whitening strips.

Its Effectiveness

When using whitening strips, you can expect to see visible results generally in about seven days.

But more advanced teeth whitening strips claim to provide dramatic whitening effect on full treatment after only three days.

Achievement of results varies by person and depend on the level of teeth discoloration.

Note that the effects of the whitening treatment won’t last forever—you can expect the results to last between six months and a year.

To help you prolong the look, you can use a whitening toothpaste regularly, and avoid foods and drinks that stain teeth.

Side Effects

Although the gel used is considered safe for adults, children and pregnant women need to consult their physician before using.

Some people may find their teeth to be more sensitive after a prolonged use.

This can lead to some discomfort for a day or two.

People with sensitive teeth should always consult a doctor to discuss their personal needs and suitability.


There are many teeth whitening strips on the market today with prices ranging from $15 to $30 for a one week kit.

As you can see, the strips are much more affordable compared to in-office laser treatments, which are definitely expensive.

In fact, whitening strips cost slightly more than whitening toothpastes.

So, the strips can be the best option for you, if you lack that money.

Ease of Use

The strips for whitening are very easy to use.

All you need to do is apply.

The treatment is composed of two strips.

Place the first strip on the top front teeth and the other strip on the bottom.

But it can be confusing knowing which strip goes where.

You can wear the strip while doing other activities, so it is very convenient.

How They Work

The strips for whitening teeth each contain peroxide or bleach.

Thus, its functioning mechanism is the same as how bleach works to whiten clothes or hair.

The peroxide bleaches away color from teeth, restoring it to natural white.

Most strips are made from polyethylene; a thin, elastic type of plastic.

The plastic is coated with peroxide.

Apply the strip to teeth according to the package directions, ensuring the peroxide comes in contact with teeth enamel.

This allows the peroxide to eliminate discoloration and stains from the surface of teeth.

Some strips need removal after some time while others do not.

Strips for whitening teeth are a good choice for those looking for a quick boost to their smile for a special occasion.

But if you are looking for a more drastic change, then you need to consider something more permanent.

The 3 best hammocks for all your hammock needs

A hammock, while possibly seen as unconventional in this day and age, can be a great way to go about relaxing on a nice, sunny day.

Unlike ten or twenty years ago, the choice of hammocks has grown dramatically, with different types of hammocks for different types of situations.

Let’s take a look at some of these hammocks and figure out which hammock is right for which person.

Here are, in our opinion, the three best hammocks currently on the market in no particular order.

1. Vivere Double Hammock

What sets the Vivere Double Hammock apart from other products of its type is its free-standing nature.

Its double stand allows it to be situated anywhere, unlike other hammocks, which generally require you to have two long, heavy points to tie it on, such as two trees.

The Vivere can be assembled and disassembled quickly, making it great for the living room, the back yard or during camping trips; no matter where you are, this product will serve its purpose.

While it’s certainly comfortable and convenient, the fact that it can’t be tied onto things, thus, giving it less stability, makes it best for those who plan on moving it around a lot.

2. Best Choice Products Quilted Hammock

Unlike the Vivere, this particular product is meant to be tied onto two points and, for this reason, is much less suitable for portable usage.

If; however, you plan on keeping it in the same spot at all times, it’s one of the best choices out there.

Unlike almost all other hammocks, this one is made flat; it’s essentially a swinging bed and is meant to be used as such.

It comes with its own blanket and pillow, which are necessary to remain comfortable.

If you don’t mind the lack of portability and the need to make the bed, you’ll no doubt love this hammock.

At a weight capacity of 450 pounds, this particular product can be used by nearly anyone.

3. Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest

The double nest may look like any other product of its type when in use; it appears to “wrap” around those laying in it just like other hammocks.

What makes it different; however, is that it only appears to do so.

The DoubleNest is made in the shape of what could only be called a canoe.

For this reason, you’ll be able to toss and turn in it without worrying about toppling over and falling off.

In terms of security, the shape of the DoubleNest is unmatched by other products of its type.

As you can see, each product above serves its own purpose, whether it’s to be safe and secure, portable, or extremely comfortable.

One is not necessarily better than the other, which particular product you choose to walk away with all comes down to your specific needs.

If you’re undecided, or perhaps you’re looking for something different than what can be found on the above list, check this link for more information regarding hammocks.

Here is how you can improve your vertical jump

Your vertical jump refers to the act of raising your center of gravity higher in the vertical plane simply by using your body muscles.

Simply put, it is a measure of a how high a subject can elevate off the ground from a standstill position.

A brilliant suggestion is to have sufficient insight into some of the excellent physical exercises that are calibrated to suit your vertical jump needs.

More so, according to, it is also important that you engage in sufficient physical activity as well to ensure a fit body structure as well.

According to Wikipedia, while genetics might play a significant role in your jump capabilities, you still need to engage is some form of a program for a superior jumping ability.

Hip Flexors Stretch

According to Wikipedia, hip flexors are a group of muscles that are responsible for pulling your knee upwards most cases, people suffer from hip flexor complications since the hip flexors become tight.

In fact, the society today tends to be a bit lazy thus causing these particular kinds of muscle groups to be inefficient.

More so, a contracted, and tight muscle typically inhibits the gluteus maximus that is the primary aspect of how to increase your vertical jump.

According to, A brilliant exercise for these groups of muscles is referred to as the Hip Flexor stretch.

Just get into the lunge position with the back of your knee facing the floor directly under the hip are.

Additionally, the front area of the knee should be at an angle of degrees.

Position the subjects’ hands on the glutes and have him gently push the pelvis area forward while keeping the abdomen in a single place.

Trap Bar Dead lift

No vertical jump regime is complete without a strength exercise, the basis of a superior vertical jump.

In fact, according to the laws of Physics, “Every Action Has An Equal and Opposite Reaction.” When it comes to increasing to your overall jump, it simply means that the more force you put into the ground, the likelier you are to jump higher.

The Trap Bar Dead lift exercise can provide you with sufficient practice.

If this exercise is done correctly, it tends to engage the posterior area than conventional squats.

In additions to that, the Trap Bar Dead lift exercise is easier to learn with less technical difficult since it requires reduced mobility.

Most physical exercise enthusiasts tend to adopt this with ease.

Single-Arm Dumbbell Snatches

The Single-Arm Dumbbell Snatches are the power component when it comes to enhancing your vertical jump.

However, it is important to know that strength does not always mean that you have increased power.

Several people are walking out there in gyms that are strong yet slow.

In simple terms, once a subject achieves the ideal jumping strength, it is important that you teach them how to use it efficiently.

The best solution for jumping power would be the Olympic Lifts.

There is a definite co-relation between top jumpers and the vertical leap.

Just ensure that the subject isn’t using the weight in an upwards position.

The arm acts as a rope while you wrap the knuckles under the weight and simultaneously placing the elbow on the outside.

The weight moves due to a robust engagement of the knee, ankle and the hip for a complete exercise.

Buying good but cheap beach umbrellas

People buy beach umbrellas in order to shield themselves from the sun on the beach, while still giving themselves an opportunity to appreciate the sun.

Umbrellas are a shield, but they are still open enough that people aren’t closed off from the very sunshine that they wanted to enjoy in the first place.

Most people aren’t going to want to spend too much money on beach umbrellas.

Buying cheap beach umbrellas should be relatively easy, since there aren’t all that many beach umbrellas that are expensive in the first place.

However, people need to make sure that they aren’t shortchanging themselves in some way by buying the least expensive beach umbrellas that they can find.

The least expensive beach umbrellas are going to cost less than twenty dollars and more than ten, and people should be able to find plenty of great products in that category.

For one thing, lots of beach umbrellas don’t provide the coverage that people need, especially the cheap beach umbrellas.

Beach umbrellas in a certain price range aren’t going to be much bigger than hats.

People need their beach umbrellas to act as actual canopies.

They should be wider than the beach chairs to which they are usually attached, or people are going to end up being exposed to the elements that much more.

Lots of people will also just rest under their beach umbrellas, sitting on blankets or some other barrier.

In that case, the beach umbrella needs to be large enough to cast a shadow that can contain the seated person.

Larger beach umbrellas will be better, since people shouldn’t have to feel like they’re straining in order to hide under their cheap beach umbrellas.

The beach umbrellas that aren’t attached to beach chairs need to be able to stand up on their own.

Having a cheap beach umbrella that has a relatively tall handle is also important.

People are going to be resting in the shade of their cheap beach umbrellas as if they were trees.

They shouldn’t have to hunch in order to fit beneath them, which may be the case for some relatively tall people.

The taller the handle the better when it comes to cheap beach umbrellas.

Many of the best versions are around eight feet tall, or at least six feet tall.

Naturally, a lot of people are also going to care about the color of their beach umbrellas, regardless of the cost.

Beach umbrellas that are more darkly colored are going to provide much more sun protection.

Darker colors have always been able to absorb ultraviolet radiation more effectively, which is why these colors are more popular when it comes to sun protective clothing.

Then again, a lot of people want their beach umbrellas to be nice and colorful, in the manner of bright and multicolored beach balls.

These umbrellas should still provide enough sun protection that people aren’t going to have to worry about compromising.

Choose a good propane grill to enjoy quality barbecue

Sometimes you may want to have a barbeque without having to do it outside, that why a propane grill is very handy.

There is no smoke so you can have it installed in the Kitchen and have a great barbeque.

There are a number of advantages of gas grills over charcoal including the fact that there is no need to deal with ash and that they will heat up much faster.

If you are interested in getting one, then this is your guide to getting the best and most efficient grill.

Choose between convection or infrared

The debate on these two is at times an unending one but in most cases you are going to hear a lot of hype about the infrared propane grill.

Infrared is a more recent technology and it will create more heat and is good for browning the meat.

Convection burners are the ordinary burners which can do just as good a job as infrared but in a longer time.

Usually, convection grills will be cheaper than the infrared ones.

Multi burners are good

When it comes to burners, “the more the merrier” should be your take on them.

Having many burners gives you options for different degrees of heat.

You should have at least a choice between direct and indirect heat.

The direct burner will produce more heat for a faster and drier cooking while the indirect one provides a slower cooking process.

You should, however, know that not all multi burners will deliver different degrees of heat, for example, there are some infrared grills that have even degrees of heat from all the burners and you may want to avoid those.

Make sure you get a lid

It is unbelievable that some very expensive grills will still come without a lid.

Lids are very important in determining how you grill your meats, they help in keeping the heat and a bit of moisture within and also contribute to the flavour of the meat.

Never accept a propane grill or any grill for that matter that does not have a lid.

Read reviews

The internet is full of reviews on different products and gas grills among those many products, please take time to read different reviews.

While it is good to find out from a friend what they would recommend, internet reviews are updated from time to time, what might have been the best option when your friend bought their grill, may not be the best option now so give yourself a chance to own the best by reading reviews on the latest grills.

Going for the very new ones though may mean you will be the guinea pig so choose models and brands that have at least 50 reviews to get a better picture of what to expect from a particular propane grill.

These are the main considerations you will have to make when buying a gas grill but there may be others for example your choice of color or the accessories that they may come with, after sales services and price.

It will help if you add your own list of features that you may want in your new propane grill and use the above pointers as well to make the best choice.

Forever White teeth whitening pen honest review

On the quest to find a somewhat natural process to gradually whiten my teeth, I’ve tried three different things.

First, I used some well known brand-name whitening strips.

Then, I tried some sort of gel I received from a Groupon which had me put trays in my mouth over night.

When neither of these methods worked quite like I’d expected (they really didn’t work at all), I decided to try a teeth whitening pen.

From what I’ve read, consumers mostly said that they seem to work better on ‘yellow teeth’ opposed to ‘grey teeth’ and that you would need to apply the whitener several times (or draw on your teeth several times).

According to Wikipedia, “To whiten the natural tooth shade, bleaching is required. It is a common procedure in cosmetic dentistry, and a number of different techniques are used by dental professionals. Many different products are also marketed for home use. Techniques include bleaching strips, bleaching pen, bleaching gel, and laser tooth whitening. Bleaching methods generally use carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide.”

I had used pure hydrogen peroxide on my teeth mixed with a little baking soda and I wouldn’t recommend it- it’s not really good for you to put chemicals in your system.

Carbamide peroxide doesn’t really whiten as well, but at least it doesn’t hurt your gums as much.

Anyway, I tried two different whitening pens.

The first was the Colgate Whitening Pen- which can be found here.

This pen came in a kit with some kind of special teeth whitening tooth brush and tooth paste.

The pen itself had a blue tip, and I applied it daily after brushing.

Two things were important- you have to make sure your teeth are dry or it won’t stick.

The other thing is this pen dries out just like a marker if you leave the cap off.

I decided to go with something more focused on teeth whitening.

The ‘Dazzing White Instant Whitening Pen’ promised to show results in two days.

A link to this whitening pen can be found here.

This pen worked much better than the one from Colgate.

It said it would work for up to fifty uses and I probably used it thoroughly thirty times and it really did show results.

The taste was kind of tinny, but my teeth were definitely brighter and less dingy.

I paid $29.99 for this whitening pen, and it was definitely worth it.

I would highly recommend it for someone looking for a good quality pen.

If you are new to the whole ‘teeth whitening‘ world (there are actually people addicted to it and are treated for that addiction called ‘bleachorexia’), you can find out more by using this link.

I used to just whiten my teeth with the Photoshop app on all of my pictures online, but when I found out that I could do it in real life for a reasonable cost, I decided to go for it.

Good luck and happy whitening.

Why should the best camping chairs be foldable?

To stay ahead of their competitors, camping chair manufacturers these days are adding various features like storage pockets, cup holders, detachable foot rests, cooler, umbrella, bottle opener etc. to their products.

But simplicity and comfort are the two most important factors that transform an ordinary camping chair into the best camping chair.

These two factors depend upon some fundamental yet extremely important features like robust construction, adaptable armrests, folding capacity, waterproof fabric etc.

Due to ease of use and flexibility, many camping enthusiasts prefer to buy foldable camping chairs.

If you too want to join the league but are not sure why foldable camping chair is the best camping chair, here are some factors that will make the scenario clearer.

Ease of folding

Most camping chairs these days can be folded easily.

However, it’s the ease of folding and the time it takes while packing and unpacking that matter the most.

If you need to go through a couple of pages of the instruction booklet to understand the chair’s folding mechanism, you should rather look for other models that are comparatively easier to set up.

Camping chairs, which can be unfurled very easily, empower you to concentrate on other important things like constructing the tent, especially when you have kids or elders with you.

By easily unfolding the chair within a couple of seconds, you can give your kids and the elders proper seats to rest their tired feet and body.

Folded size

Some extra features can make the size of the camping chair large, when folded.

It becomes really problematic when your car is small and you have a limited space to pack the chair in.

For example, a chair with a sun canopy is indeed a beautiful feature, as long as you’ve got sufficient space to pack it in your car.

If not, a simple folding camping chair would be better to carry.

You can pack a light umbrella as a replacement for the canopy.

You just have to place it over your camping chair and you will be set to enjoy the shade.

Even financially, it becomes cheaper than buying a camping chair, which comes fitted with a sunshade.

Carrying bag

Though most manufacturers of foldable camping chairs supply carry bags along with the product, the quality of the bag may not always be adequate to sustain varying conditions.

Shoulder bags allow you to keep your hands free when you’ve to cover a distance to reach the campsite.

Investing in a tougher drawstring bag is worth the money as it can save you from experiencing unwanted occurrences.

You may even look for wetherproof carry bags, offered with many foldable chairs, which can help beat extreme weather conditions.

These are some of the reasons that make a foldable camping chair the best camping chair.

So, if you want to enjoy value for money, bring one home today to ensure your outdoor activities are full of fun, while bidding neck and back problems adieu at the same time.

So, before embarking on your next camping trip, make sure to carry along the best camping chair.

Clean your Ozark Trail tent in 6 easy steps

Your Ozark Trail tent is an investment for a long time.

You really would want the family tent to stick around for years to come, and be ready to help your family when you’re planning to go camping outdoors.

Ozark Trail tents are famous for helping families be together even when they are out camping.

The tents are big enough to house 12 to 16 people easily and what’s more the tents even have separate rooms for the different needs of the family members.

These are just the right family tents that you need to take a look at, and you should know just how to take care of them.

How do you take care of the Ozark Family Tent?

Remember, you have to take proper care so that the tent does not wear off with time.

There are several ways to clean your tent.

People usually rinse the tent with water or use a special products meant for tent washing like Nikwax Tech Wash to clean it.

But instead of using these medium, you can prepare your own cleaning solution at home.

To clean your Ozark Trail tent, you will just need vinegar, water and a mild dishwashing solution.

  1. Before you start cleaning your Ozark Trail tent, make sure that it is a sunny day; else you won’t be able to dry it. So do check the weather reports before bringing out your tent.
  2. Before you go on to use your cleaning solution on the tent, remove all the twigs, pine needles or any other loose dirt from the surface of your tent.
  3. Now you need to make your own cleaning solution to clean the tent. For this all you need to do is mix 1/4 parts of vinegar in 2 parts of water. Add few drops of any good dishwashing liquid to it (avoid using any harsh soap liquid for it could wear off the tent.) Now pour this solution in spray bottle.
  4. Now take a sponge or use any soft bristled brush, and proceed to clean your Ozark Trail tent. Just keep spraying the cleaning solution on the tent and keep on cleaning it from top to the bottom.
  5. Now when all the dirt has been cleaned from the tent, bring a garden hose and rinse it several times.
  6. Finally dry the Ozark Trail tent with a soft towel and put it outdoors for drying. Do not put it in direct sunlight and store it in a humidity free place.

These simple but effective tips will ensure that Ozark Trail tents stay with you for a long time.

You can carry them with you no matter where you go.

These family tents will help you keep you warm during winter months and as they are really easy to set up, you can be sure that you will have them up in no time.

Ozark Trail tents also speak of sturdiness and durability and so you can be sure that you will buy in a tent that can help your family have a successful outdoor camping.

Whitening strips reviews are going ga-ga about these 2 products

The main reason for reading whitening strips reviews is to find out a useful, reliable product when you are looking for something to get rid of your stained, discolored teeth without visiting a doctor’s clinic.

There are numerous teeth whitening products available in the market, but are all of them really useful as they claim to be?

Before putting down your money on some junk products or taking a completely blind guess, you must go through some whitening strips reviews to arrive at an informed decision.

According to various reviews, teeth whitening strips are the highest selling over-the-counter self administered whitening products.

And when it comes to teeth whitening strips, you need not look beyond the range of whitening strips offered by Crest.

Crest products are designed to suit everyone’s pocket and varied user needs, which make them the number 1 choice for many.

Following are descriptions of top two teeth whitening strips offered by Crest that have been widely praised and talked about by various whitening strips reviews.

2. Crest Noticeably White Whitestrips

Crest is widely acclaimed as the manufacturer of some top quality teeth whitening products that have been tested and vetted by dental professionals.

The enamel safe Crest Whitestrips help you to whiten your teeth within a few days.

The polythene strips are covered with thin films that contain whitening gel.

Unlike other teeth whitening products, the strips firmly stay on your teeth with no occurrence of gel bleed.

Since most gels carry hydrogen peroxide as the cleaning agent, ingestion of these can lead to serious health hazards.

However, with this product, you no longer need to worry about such occurrences.

Each pack of Crest Noticeably White Whitestrips comes with 20 strips, allowing usage of 10 days.

These strips are ideal for those having slightly discolored teeth and desirous of whitening them by a few shades.

If you have moderately stained or dark yellow teeth, you should look for some more effective whitening strips.

All things put together, these teeth whitening strips are simply great for those having a tight budget and in need of a top quality product at an affordable price.

1. Crest 3D Glamorous White

This product, which offers better results than its counterpart mentioned above, is costlier.

If you fail to get the desired results with Noticeable White Whitestrips, you should step up to Crest 3D Glamorous White.

Normally, the results evidently kick in after 3 to 5 days’ of use.

The standard box contains 14 treatments to be used over 14 days.

So, you can expect to have much whiter teeth after completing the use of a box of strips.

The advanced seal technology used in these strips empowers them to firmly stay on your teeth.

These strips are ideal for those having moderately discolored teeth and in need of getting back that pearly glow without worrying about the slightly steeper price tag.

Now that you are aware of the top two teeth whitening products that have been in news and praised well by many whitening strips reviews, bring one home to use so that you are ready to flaunt that 1000-watt smile and turn heads your way.

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