13 Foot Patio Umbrellas To Protect You From the Sun

A 13 foot patio umbrella provides you with the desired shade from the sun during the summer months when you want to be outside enjoying the nice weather with family and friends.

You can be out for extended periods of time relaxing and even eating some great summer meals such as barbeque steak and some fresh, crisp salad, or even an amazing lobster while knowing that you and your loved ones are well protected from the damaging ultra violet rays of the hot, blazing sun.

Here we present some great selections for you to be able to choose from when your are considering getting a new patio umbrella this summer.

1. The New Tan Aluminum Patio Outdoor Market Crank 13 Foot Patio Umbrella Beach Shade

The New Tan Aluminum Patio Outdoor Market Crank 13 Foot Patio Umbrella Beach Shade by the MTN Gearmsmith Company is a great resource to protect you, your family, friends and guests from the hot beaming sun when you are out in your backyard trying to enjoy some great conversation and tasty food off the barbeque.

The pole measures to be 8.5 feet long and 1 4/5 inches in diameter.

It comes with a sturdy rib construction in order to support the canopy.

The poles are able to unscrew at the middle to allow you to have easy and compact storage.

The air vent roof crank is convenient for when you want to be able to lift or lower the umbrella.

The finials of each rib have been meticulously wrapped with cloth to ensure that there is good stability and the best stretch for the fabric over the framework.

This is made of UV protective and anti-fade material.

It is water resistant for outdoor usage.

2. The 13ft Outdoor Patio Umbrella With A German Beech Wood Pole

This 13 foot patio umbrella by the Yescom Company will be a great replacement for your smaller backyard umbrella that may have a badly bent spot where the pole comes up through the central part of the patio table or that may be ripped and faded in the canopy part.

Your new umbrella will prove to be superior in many ways.

One obvious thing that is very noticeable right away is the pole of course.

The pole is made of heavy solid beach wood.

The diameter of the pole is 1 7/8 inches.

This solid wood pole will not bend and will not take off on you when it is windy out.

The red canopy on this umbrella is truly beautiful and adds lovely color to the backyard.

The canopy is raised by hand by the usage of a thick rope on pulleys, which is highly efficient and convenient.

You will be able to be protected in the sun, but still can be outdoors for a long time when you use this great patio umbrella.

This umbrella is terrific to use for your backyard, at the beach and if you have outside seating at your café.

These are two great choices when you need a large umbrella to protect you from the sun.

They are made by reputable companies and are priced affordably.

They bring real style to your backyard décor.

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