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Camping Water Filter – 3 Reasons Why You Need It

Camping water filters have become a necessity for campers today.

Whether you are camping in the backwoods or traveling across multiple countries, you need to drink safe.

After all, drinking contaminated water can upset your health and take all the fun out of your camping.

However, you can’t carry bottles of water for drinking as it would be a big load and slow you down.

So, the best bet is to take along the best camping water filter.

If you aren’t yet sure why you need these filters, here are three reasons that would convince you for sure:

Reason #1: Stay hydrated

For a camper, it’s never a good idea to run out of water.

You may argue that you can always drink from those swiftly flowing streams.

But ever wondered how contaminated such water could be?

Anything from dry leaves and feces to bird droppings and microorganisms could be present in it.

You surely wouldn’t want to fall ill and stay put in your camping tent just because you drank such water.

So, the best solution is to carry a camping water filter in your backpack.

This way, you can keep yourself hydrated and enjoy your outdoor activities to the fullest.

Reason #2: Travel light

The average human body is composed of 60-70% of water.

Health experts say that the water consumed by a person largely depends on his/her physical activity as well as the humidity, temperature and altitude of the surroundings.

While you are camping, your physical activities would naturally experience a boost.

For men, the consumption of water on the mountains increases by 4 liters while for women, it goes up by 3 liters.

Thus, for a 4-day camping trip on the hills, carrying adequate water would be a difficult task.

A feasible alternative is to carry camping water filters.

This way, you can source water from the natural resources available around and filter it before consumption.

This saves you from the pain of carrying gallons of water in your backpack.

Instead, you can simply carry one small camping water filter.

Reason #3: No fretting and fuming when stranded

Camping water filters could be of great help when you get stranded in a snowy zone.

Even if your stock of water runs out, you can drink melted snow just by passing it through the water filter.

This way, you can make sure that you do not fall sick even when you are stuck in an unknown territory and battling adverse weather conditions.

Camping is a fun activity and you shouldn’t compromise with its fun quotient by neglecting the importance of safe drinking water.

With the availability of camping water filters in different sizes, weight and functionality, you can easily take your pick based on what suits your requirements and budget the best.

You just have to remember to clean your filters regularly as they tend to get dirty.

Thus, with just a camping filter in your backpack or luggage, you can travel worry-free and camp at will, be it high up in the mountains or across geographical boundaries, exploring new lands and their natural beauty.