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Why You Might Need to Go For Cosmetic Dentistry

With age, your teeth will not be as strong as ever.

There will be gaps and a tooth may even fall off.

You might be dealing with serious cavities.

Most people have bad oral hygiene and many even fail at the basic requirement of brushing twice a day.

It is then that you would need to visit a doctor.

What is Cosmetic dentistry?

If you visit clinics for services like Dr Georges dental white, one of the services you may need more than any is that of cosmetic dentistry.

While the term may seem fancy, it refers to any kind of dental work which enhances the appearance of any person’s teeth, gums or bite.

It requires a special training, knowledge and experience in this field.

There are 2 specialities in this field namely, Prosthodontics and Orthodontics.

And you would need a specialist like Dr Georges dental white clinic to help you

The types of cosmetic dentistry that is commonly practised may include the following.

The first type includes addition of dental material to the gums or teeth which may include laminated, bonding and caps.

In the second type, the tooth structure or gums may be removed.

Thirdly, without any addition or removal of any materials services like tooth whitening cleaning may be done.

Fourthly, the facial appearance may be made better by the straightening of teeth.

The Different Types of Cosmetic Dentistry

Here is a look at the different things cosmetic dentistry and Dr Georges dental white can accomplish.

– The first and the most common example are that of whitening of teeth which is also known as tooth bleaching.

Here discoloured teeth are lightened using dental-supervised treatments.

– Reshaping of the tooth is done to remove parts of the enamel to enhance its appearance.

The length, shape or position may be worked on to achieve this.

When composite material similar to enamel is put on the tooth’s surface and is sculpted, hardened and then polished to be set on it, the process is known as bonding and it forms the third example.

– False teeth also called dental bridges are used to merge the area left by missing teeth that is left between two crowns made of porcelain.

With the crowns holding them in place, they are attached on adjacent sides.

– Laminations made of porcelain, for individuals, are very thin and can be directly attached to the teeth.

This forms the fifth example.

They help in closing gaps or hiding discoloured teeth.

– Sometimes, one may need to raise and sculpt the whole gum line through a cosmetic procedure known as gum lift.

The underlying bones and tissues are reshaped in order to improve the appearance of the affected teeth.

Patients have also been seen to opt for alteration of their face’s vertical dimensions which creates a closed look to their face and smile.

Thus one is able to hide their deformities or problems to a large extent.

Materials used

Earlier, the kinds of materials used were made of gold, amalgam and other metals which were laminated with porcelain.

Now the entire process can be completed with the use of porcelain or other such materials which look just like the real tooth structure and are bonded to the layers of teeth with adhesives.

Dr Georges dental white facility can help you take care of your dental worries.