7 Signs You Are a Smartphone Addict

You have probably heard of smartphone addiction and the devastating effects that come with it.

In one way or another, most of us have at one point experienced these.

Smartphones are hard to resist and all the cool apps and games are simply addictive and you could get carried away.

Smartphone addicts spend most of their time using their smartphones and lose touch with human interaction and personal level interaction.

Sounds scary?

Yes, I know and at this point, you’re probably wondering whether you’re a smartphone addict.

Well, below are 7 signs of a smartphone addict.

Go through each of them to know whether you need help and if it is time to start limiting your smartphone use.

1. When you check the time on your smartphone rather than your watch

Clearly, think about it, why should you look at your phone to confirm the time when your watch is right there on your wrist? This is one of the earliest signs and it shows just how dependent you are on your phone.

2. When you constantly get told to put your phone away

When you are a smartphone addict, while using your smartphone, you don’t want to be disturbed.

The phrase “put your phone down.” Sounds like you’re being nagged and is a clear sign of your addiction.

3. When you can’t stop looking at your email constantly

It has probably been just a few minutes or even seconds since you looked at your email but you find yourself checking it.

This is a clear sign that you are a smartphone addict and that you need help immediately.

4. When you can’t seem to remember simple things unless you save them on your smartphone

It may have seemed as normal before you read this article but trust me it’s not.

Before you used to remember every single item you needed from the store while shopping, and yet right now you need your smartphone to remember.

5. When you check your smartphone first thing in the morning

A smartphone addict will check their phone the moment they open their eyes in the morning.

You won’t even go to the bathroom before you look at your phone.

This is a sign your smartphone is way more important than all other things.

6. When you doze off smartphone in hand

If you find yourself dozing off and your phone hitting you on your forehead, then you are a smartphone addict.

It shows that you are tired and require rest yet you don’t want to let go of your smartphone.

7. When you’re glad there is heavy traffic so that you can use your smartphone

If you have at one point been so glad at the opportunity to use your smartphone because of heavy traffic, you need to reduce the amount of time you spend on your phone.

Anyone can be a smartphone addict and it is something you could easily curb.

Try to spend less time on your phone and you could even try to do without it for a few days.

Tell friends and family to help you by always restricting your smartphone activity.

Another great way to stop smartphone addiction is by engaging in activities like sports and hobbies.

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