Best Teeth Whitening Strips On Market Today

Your teeth grab great attention and need to be clean and white at all times. But it is one thing for teeth to be clean and another to be white. Clean teeth are healthy while white teeth are nice to look at. Stained teeth bring an embarrassment and can prevent people from smiling.

A whitening strip has the added chemicals that whiten your teeth when you attach it on your teeth. You do all the whitening exercise while at home without the need to visit the expert. Here is a list of some of the best whitening strips out there in the market today:

Crest 3-D Whitening Strips (3-D White Luxe Professional)

It is by far the most recommendable whitening strips on the market today. These strips are able to whiten your teeth using the 1hr Express Treatment regimen. This regimen package is useful to people with limited time and wants to whiten their teeth in specific set time periods. How does it work? You first set aside just one hour of free time, grab the 1hr Express Treatment strip and put it on your teeth. After the one hour time period had elapsed, remove the strip and your teeth will have moved one step ahead to complete teeth whiteness. It comes with just two strips.

Crest 3-D Glamorous White

This line of strips comes with a slightly higher price tag than most strips in its class but provide a noticeably more effective whitening solution than others. They are preferred by individuals whose whitening efforts using other strips have failed. Crest 3-D Glamorous White comes with 14 strips dedicated to a 14-day treatment regimen after which your teeth will emerge sparkling white with glam. Another thing worth mentioning about these strips is that they tend to stick to teeth better than other strips so they won’t move around easily once in place.

Crest Noticeably White

It is yet another pack of quality whitening strips from Crest meant for people with slightly stained teeth. It registers less gel bleed compared to some whitening strips whose gel leaks into your mouth. The package comes with 20 strips meant to be used in 10 days so one strip is for the upper teeth and 1 for lower teeth. Since it works best for slightly stained teeth, people with very yellow teeth will need to supplement it with other strips. These whitening strips are great for people who want high-quality strips at a much affordable price tag.

Sheer white professionals teeth whitening strips

What makes Sheer Whitening Strips be outstanding in the pack is the fact that they contain 20 percent Carbamide Peroxide as their chief whitening gradient. Most of the strips on the market come with Hydrogen Peroxide while a small number sticks to the Carbamide Peroxide. Both the two work almost the same way but Carbamide Peroxide tends to have a longer shelf life. As a result, your Sheer White Professionals whitening strips won’t expire fast. The package comes with 10 strips meant for 5 treatments. Unlike other strips, you will have to leave them on your teeth for 2 hours for better results.

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