Here Are The Best Deodorants For Kids In 2018

Everybody wants to have a kid who smells clean and fresh all the time more so when the child starts developing hormones that lead to nasty body smell.

Babies at a particular stage may lose the kid smell that is only present in babies and begin to build masculine of feminine body smell.

In case you have a baby who sweats a lot or is hyperactive then you can tell how terrible your child smells at the end of the day.

It might be difficult to retain your baby’s smell, but there are some Deodorants on the market which can help to keep your baby smelling well and like a kid.

Below are the best deodorants for kids according to market ratings by customers.

Tom’s wicked cool Natural Deodorant

The Tom’s Deodorant has been on the market since 1970 and has been able to satisfy customers leading to high ratings.

The product manufacturer uses natural ingredients like sunflower oil, palm oil, and citrus oil among others that help in fighting bad body smell.

Many customers who have been using the product over the years give positive feedback a clear indication that Tom’s Deodorant works well.


  • The products work excellently in both girls, boys and teenagers can also use the product as well.
  • Tom’s Deodorant guarantees 24 hours smell protection.
  • The product is ideal for sensitive skins.


  • The common problem that many users complain is the skin peeling that disappears after some time.

Keep It Kind Fresh Kidz Boys Natural Deodorant

Fresh Kidz body product has proven to be an excellent protection against body smell even after playing and sweating.

Once you apply the product to your baby today, your kid will have a pleasant and fresh scent for the next 24hrs.

The product does not contain harsh ingredients that may affect your kid’s skin or clothes as it uses only natural components that only protect the skin and body smell.


  • The product has a formula that works well to develop a kid and teenage body skin.
  • Fresh Kidz guarantees body protection against body smell under any circumstances like summer heat.
  • Fresh Kidz comes in a smooth compact container for aesthetic appeal and easy transportation.


  • Fresh kidz has Dicapryl Carbonate that causes skin irritation.

Truly’s –All Natural, Long Lasting Organic Cream Deodorant

Truly’s is the third best deodorant for kids receiving high ratings in the market with many users enjoying the quality service the product provides.

The product’s components include; beeswax, coconut oil, powdered sugar and baking soda which are all natural thus working excellently to protect body smell in children and teenagers.


  • The product is ideal for kids or teenagers with sensitive skin since it uses natural ingredients with no chemical element.
  • The product does not leave any streaks or stains on your kid’s clothes.
  • You only need to swipe the product once under your child’s underarms, and it works the whole day.


  • The cream product is less convenient than other deodorants since it does not roll on.

Using the above best deodorants for kids guarantees protection against your child’s body smell all day long after application.

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