Proof of Insurance and the Auto Insurance Card

Each state in the U.S. have different auto insurance laws and people are expected to adhere to them whenever they are behind the wheel of any vehicle.

Over time these laws have changed quite dramatically and people usually strive to make sure that they are in compliance.

Thankfully, there is a wealth of related data online that gives vehicle owners and drivers alike the information that they need to keep them from driving without the proper credentials.

Therefore, when anyone goes to take a drivers test today, passes the test and then buys the appropriate insurance, it is important that they obtain an auto insurance card for proof of buying the insurance.

This auto insurance card can also be carried around with them so that they can prove that they already have the insurance.

Particularly, in the case where an officer pulls the driver over for speeding and ask for proof of insurance.

To address these situations appropriately, all the driver or vehicle owner has to do is present their auto insurance card with the appropriate information affixed.

What is noted on the Auto Insurance Card?

When an insurance company issues an auto insurance card to any insurance policy holder, they will need to receive it right away.

This is especially true for those who will need to continue to drive without any unnecessary disruptions.

Without the issuance and receipt of this card, the person may not be able to drive in their own neighborhood without being subject to being fined.

So, sending an auto insurance card quickly is not an option but a necessity.

It is important to note that these auto insurance cards reflect the right standard information.

If not, the proof of insurance that is required by law may not be acceptable.

For instance, these cards usually show the following information:

  • Insurance Provider’s name
  • Insurance Policy number
  • Name of the Insured’s
  • Vehicle year, make, model and VIN number
  • Coverages (liability, etc) and expiration date
  • Instructions that tells the driver what they should do in the event of an accident
  • Claims phone number

Types of Proof Insurance

Because each state’s insurance laws can be different, proof of insurance may differ from one to the next.

Therefore, each driver must be familiar with the laws of their particular state if they want to remain in compliance.

Since technological advances have evolved over the years, there have been changes in what documentation is now acceptable in each state too.

So, if you are asked for proof of insurance in the state of Texas, you may be able to provide the proof in more than one form.

This is because some states will allow you to show the physical insurance card or the digital version of this information in order to prove that you do have the insurance available.

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